+ What is a subscription box?

A subscription box is a recurring delivery of niche products” as per google.

Gathered - a Boxed Collection customers can expect to receive a box of curated and hand-picked items of 3-6 products delivered on or around the 7th, every second month starting in October, December, February etc.

These items are items not generally featured in our online retail store. We pick items based on season, age gender, colors, and items that we feel are exceptional and that will be loved by all.

+ What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and EMTs. (Please email us directly if you would like to pay via EMT)

+ Will a box for my sixth month old have the same items as my five-year old?

Yes and No. We curate each box to feature like items that are age specific and relevant to their ability and interests. We have sourced incredible vendors that have products that offer a variety of items to all ages.
They are unique, and not generic, we have strived to source the innovative products and proprietors that are leaders in the baby and child retail markets.

+ What if I my items do not fit my child?

While we do not do refunds, or offer credits on our orders we can exchange for a ‘like’ item if it is in resalable condition. It must be returned in the same way you received it to receive the exchange. If you reach out to us at info@gatheredcollection.ca we will work with you to resolve the matter.

+ How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

Very. Our website is protected by a SSL Certificate.
SSL provides three important security benefits:
Privacy: Encrypts the connection between the browser and web server and securely transmits information (like login credentials) to prevent unauthorized parties from eavesdropping. Data integrity: Prevents unauthorized parties from altering data during transmission (like during a Form Block submission). Authentication: Protects against impersonation by requiring web server proof of identity.

+ What if we do not like our subscription box?

We do not offer returns or refunds, returns or credits on subscription boxes as this a mystery and that is part of the fun of the subscription box. If you do not want to receive future boxes please reach out to us at info@gatheredcollection.ca for assistance in this matter!

+ What if my box is damaged or missing?

We take the customer service of our products very seriously! In the event of your products being damaged please reach out to us at info@gatheredcollection.ca and we will absolutely do everything we can to rectify the matter.

+ Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes. Once you complete your transaction you will receive a receipt right to your inbox!

Still have a question? Drop us a note!

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